Agreement In Full By The Sound Of It

By downloading your content to the platform, you also grant a limited, global, non-exclusive, fully paid license to other users of the platform and to operators and users of other sites, Applications and/or platforms on which your content has been shared or integrated through the Services («Linked Services») to use, copy, copy, listen, transfer offline, transfer, broadcast, view, make public, run, customize, compile works derived from, compile, make available and communicate elsewhere to the public, using the platform`s features from time to time and in the settings you set. You can restrict and restrict the availability of some of your content to other users of the platform and users of linked services by using the Authorizations tab in the «Processing the Way» section for each sound you download, subject to the provisions of the Responsibility section below. Regardless of the above, nothing in these Terms of Use grants rights to another user of the Platform with respect to the proprietary brands of utility, logo, brand or service that you are part of your content (e.g.B. Their profile picture) («Brands») have been downloaded, with the exception of the right to automatically and un modification of these marks, to display them publicly, to make them available to the public and to communicate by other means. The services are offered as part of SoundCloud Limited, a company to England and Wales and based in Rheinsberger Str. 76/77, 10115 Berlin, Germany. For more information about SoundCloud, click here. You can contact us by sending the correspondence to the address above or by emailing us to If you live in the State of California, you can have these terms of use sent electronically by sending a letter to the address above with your email address and a request for these terms of use.

Licensing This section explains how your content is used on SoundCloud® and the permissions you give by downloading your content – for example, the right for other users to listen to your sounds. From time to time, some SoundCloud® users may promote contests, promotions, raffles and similar possibilities on the platform («Third Party Contest»). SoundCloud is neither sponsor nor organizer of these contests and assumes no responsibility for the actions or inaction of third parties who organize, manage or participate in the promotion of these third-party competitions. If you wish to participate in one of these competitions, it is your responsibility to read the conditions applicable to the respective third-party competition and to ensure that you understand the rules and conditions of participation and that you can legally participate in these third-party competitions in your country of residence. Your message should be emailed to and/or emailed to: Please read these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Community Policy carefully. If you do not accept any of the provisions of these documents, you should not use the website, applications or any of the services.