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In November, the agreement signed another coalition agreement with law and justice and united Poland. Party representatives entered Mateusz Morawiecki`s second cabinet and assumed their ministerial duties in the previous composition. Jaroslaw Gowin was appointed one of the three Deputy Prime Ministers and Jadwiga Emilewicz. Minister for Development. In addition, the number of party members working as secretaries of state and secretaries of state in ministries has increased considerably. The Croatian Ministry of Justice and Administration confirmed to BIRN that it had received the letter from Poland. «The Ministry of Justice has been informed by the Polish Minister of Justice of an initiative to establish a new international agreement on the protection of the family. Since this is an issue within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour, Pensions, Family and Social Policy, the letter was sent to the Relevant Ministry of Action. In separate talks with BIRN, representatives of two Polish ultraconservative groups claimed that an alternative agreement, which they co-developed to replace the Istanbul Convention, was welcomed with interest by members of the Hungarian and Slovak governments, although they did not give names. Poland Duda defeated Trzaskowski in the presidential election. The management of the agreement is distributed within the Central Committee, under the direction of the Office and the Central Alliance. The subdivisions of Vojvodina were abolished in favour of the Sejm constituencies during the 2017 restructuring. People take part in a demonstration against Poland`s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention on 27 July 2020 in Krakow.

Photo: EPA/EFE ANDRZEJ GRYGIEL a few days before Ziobro`s announcement on 27 July, Polish ultra-conservative groups Ordo Iuris and the Christian Social Congress launched their initiative «Family – yes, sex – no». The aim is to collect 100,000 signatures in order to present to the Polish parliament a citizens` initiative bill that would invite the president to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention and the government would form a team to draft the text of an international convention on the rights of the family. NOTE: This article was amended on 7 October 2020 to add the response of the Croatian Ministry of Justice and Administration. A spokesman for the Czech Ministry of Justice told BIRN: «The Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic has received this letter. Now we`re going to analyze it. That`s the only thing that can be communicated right now. We will not anticipate the position of the Czech Republic. The party defines itself as a «modern-conservative» party with a strong focus on economic liberalism and red tape reduction and claims to be moderately conservative on social and cultural issues. He believes that local authorities should be supported and supported by the central government. [3] This page gathers important information on Poland`s participation in the WTO. Poland has been a member of the WTO since 1 July 1995 and a member of the GATT since 18 October 1967. It has been a member of the European Union since 1 May 2004 (more).

All EU member states are members of the WTO, as is the EU (officially named European Communities in the WTO for legal reasons until 30 November 2009) in its own law. Thousands of women protested against the move to cities across Poland. Datta points out that a genuine treaty, as is the case with the Istanbul Convention, stems from a legal order such as that of the Council of Europe, after being supported by the Member States.