Demise In An Agreement

(Noun) – In the transmission. a transfer from one estate to another for life, for years or after the will; most often for years; A lease. 1 Steph. Come to 475. Church voorhees, 5 Comment. Prac. (N. Y.) 71; Gil plus Hamilton, 83 ind. 196. Originally, a posthumous scholarship; as a general rule, a lease or transfer for a period of one year; sometimes applied to each transport, against payment, for life or for years. 1882, p.

1289. «Demise» is synonymous with «lease» or «let», except that the shipwreck ex vi termini implies a covenant for property, and also a covenant for silent enjoyment, while lease or let does not imply any of these covenants. Brown. The word is also used as a synonym for «death» or «death.» In England, it is particularly used to designate the death of the sovereign. Shipwreck and re-elimination. In help.