Dog Walking Contractor Agreement

The customer is fully responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused by the pets listed in this dog racing contract. With all the different moving parts of life, you have to be adaptable. There will always be the occasional cancellation for your dog racing services – sometimes at the last minute. While it doesn`t matter, you need to make sure you have a policy so there are no questions or confusion about what should happen if a customer has to cancel. It is important that you are always compensated for your time and expenses if you cancel at the last minute. CONSIDERING that the customer wishes to engage the Walker and that the Walker undertakes to provide services in accordance with the full conditions of this dog racing contract. While no two contracts will be the same, we`ve created this contribution to help you get into some of the most important elements to include in your dog racing contract. The hiker can revoke this contract in the same way as the customer. If the hiker cancels the service within the 24-hour window before a scheduled dog racing service, the full fee for that service will be waived. Both parties agree with the terms of this dog racing contract by signing below. When welcoming new dogs that walk with dogs, it is important to have a detailed record of their pet`s medical history and information for their veterinarian. You should make sure that the dog is up to date for all his shots, and if he has certain diseases, you should be aware of this.