Dumpster Lease Agreement

9. Force majeure. Failure by the contractor to comply with its obligations under this agreement, provided it is caused by a case of force majeure, is not an offence. «Force majeure» means all circumstances that are outside the proper control of the contractor, including, but not limited to, any act of God or a public enemy, accident, explosion, fire, storm, earthquakes, other natural disasters, strikes, work problems, lack of equipment, riot or war or mechanical or technological dysfunction. If the client believes that the contractor has not performed in accordance with the agreement reached in this case, the client must send it in writing, by authenticated mail, under which the holder has a reasonable period of time to correct and/or correct an alleged defect that is actually available. All operating/service clauses that are added to this contract, including, but not limited to «temporary terminations,» are not guaranteed by the contractor and/or may, at the licensee`s discretion, incur additional costs. CONTENEURS: All containers supplied by the company remain the property of the company and the customer does not need to modify or use the containers for purposes other than the SERVICE of the COMPANY. The CLIENT must not otherwise move, transport or move containers while in the possession of the CLIENT. After 24 hours before the container is retracted, the container is moved to the site for a service fee of $75.00.

THE CLIENT assumes responsibility and responsibility for the losses or damages suffered by the containers while they are in the possession of CUSTOMER. THE CLIENT provides an appropriate location for containers and gives THE ENTREPRISE the right to access containers to containers at any time. An additional fee of $75.00 is charged if: a) containers are not to be used because the customer does not have access to them and a return is required for pickup, or (b) the driver arrives for the requested pickup and customer requests are not taken away (even if this is within the initial rental period). Federal, regional and local laws regulate the transportation and gross weight of road vehicles. Construction and demolition debris can be loaded onto the top «FILL LINE – GENERAL DEBRIS» of the roll-off container. Dirt, concrete, brick, block and asphalt can only be loaded onto the FILL LINE – CONCRETE DIRT BRICK BLOCK, which is marked for these materials on the tread. If the company is unable to plan containers due to overcrowding or transportation insecurity, LA COMPANY has the right to sink all or part of the cargo on site. This agreement is between GORILLA DUMPSTERS, 646 S Nelson Rd. Ste G, Columbus, OH 43205. This agreement is this___________day of increased costs. Since waste disposal charges for sanitary landfills, fuel and/or other overheads inc afford significant costs to the services provided by the contractor and/or its vendors under this agreement, the supplier may increase the price from time to time due to increased costs of this type.

The contractor does not accept the guarantees of a tariff cap or term modification clauses set out in this agreement. Such changes, including tariff caps, are merely estimates based on previous waste management data and the contractor will do its utmost in good faith to meet these estimates. CUSTOMER AGREEMENT TO PAY FOR SERVICES. Client payment must be paid to THE ENTREPRISE for service charges and adjustments under this contract at the time of order. CUSTOMERS WITH THE PREVIOUSLY APPROVED PAYMENT AGREEMENT WITH THE COMPANY PAY WITHIN 10 DAYS FROM THE BILLING DATE. The rate for the correct disposal of the contents of the roll-off container is indicated by customers on the next table for each roll-off container. Additional fuel charges may be charged for the extended service range and, if this is the surcharge, it is listed in the «Additional Costs» section of this contract.