Financial Planning Service Agreement

This Customer Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. We advise you and give you a recommendation after assessing the context of your personal/financial situation, including your needs. In some situations, we will only give you information and not advice – and you are made clear on these occasions. In such circumstances, we may ask a few questions to limit the choice of products on which we provide details, and you must then make your own choice of how you wish to proceed. However, the fee can be spread over 12 months and applied each month in proportion to the value of your investments. For example, the annual service fee would be applied with a monthly rate of 0.85/12 = 0.0708%. Chapters Financial Limited provides independent financial advice and therefore offers investment services and markets products from across the market and from a number of non-investment insurance insurers (e.g. B Term Assurance, Critical Illness Cover, Permanent Health Insurance, Private Medical Insurance) based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market. This is our standard customer agreement that we want to rely on.

For your own good and protection, you should read these terms carefully before continuing our service. If you do not understand a point, please ask for more information. To help us provide you with a complete service and keep our records as up-to-date as possible, please inform us as soon as possible of changes in your personal circumstances, for example.B. Change of name, change of address, etc. In exceptional circumstances where we offer advice on the eventual transfer of a defined/definitive benefit pension plan, our service consists of a comprehensive review of your existing pension plans and agreements and how your DB system can be used to achieve these goals. We will contact the invitations in order to arrange a financial audit in accordance with your review plan. If you request a financial audit, this usually includes: – * We will regularly remind you of the importance of the financial audit, but it will be up to you each time to decide if you need an audit. We rely on an independent policy to manage conflicts of interest between Chapters Financial and our clients or between one client and another. This means that there may be an essential interest or conflict of interest with respect to customer service, but we are required to ignore this essential interest or conflict of interest in advising clients. If necessary, get additional information about yourself and your financial situation.

The terms of this Customer Agreement will come into effect as soon as you instruct us to do business and services for you and will remain in effect until further notice. Below are some typical costs, for example. B for services: A detailed understanding of your requirements, the specific service we want to offer and how much it will cost you, including whether you have to pay VAT. Chapters Financial offers a professional financial planning service to meet your evolving needs over the course of your life. Our team has the experience and skills to offer personalized, independent financial advice and planning solutions to help you, your family, business or charity achieve your future financial goals. This document sets out the basis on which we do business with you and on your behalf.. . .