Ntnu Master Thesis Agreement

Read the instructions to complete the master thesis agreement before sending the digital form. The publication of promotional work should not be limited, except for a delay in the previously ordered public access date. Such a delay may be permitted, so that the institution and any external party that has funded all or part of the applicant`s doctoral studies may consider potential or other patents. An external party should not require that the doctoral thesis or thesis be deprived of the public; See section 6. If the scientific thesis consists mainly of articles, the candidate should normally be considered the lead author of at least two of the articles. The NTNU may enter into cooperation agreements in the form of collective agreements or partnership agreements with one or more entities in Norway or abroad. The necessary infrastructure for promotion must be made available to the candidate. It is the responsibility of the faculty to decide on the infrastructure necessary to implement the project. For applicants with external funding or external employment, an agreement must be reached between the faculty and the external party as part of the project in question. As a general rule, the agreement must be signed before the formal admission of the candidate. This field is used to calculate the time it takes for students to submit an MSC degree in technology.

They are invited to include wollowing information in the agreement. The X is there because it does not receive the same addition in days for all programs of study. Ask your department if you are unsure of your filing date. In the event of illness, birth or compulsory military service, you must apply for leave. The deadline for filing the final note is then extended depending on the leave period. The faculty must ensure that the time between the presentation of the assessment`s justification and its defence is as short as possible, usually no more than five (5) months. For PhD students with an external employer, a reporting obligation must be established in an agreement between the institution, the doctoral student and the external employer.