Unequivocal Agreement Definition

She originally said unambiguously that primaries didn`t count. Its performance, precisely because of its excellence, has an inevitable and unambiguous social value. A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties that begins with an offer from one person, but only becomes a contract when the other party manifests a clear willingness to accept the terms of that offer. `Each (these) definitions provides for the intention to be bound by the conditions of the offer, either in words or by conduct. But each definition also implies a manifestation, meaning or indication of such a will. At the end of the day, all delegates united in support, based on what they called the Obama campaign`s unequivocal commitment to improving the rights of Asian Americans. But Franklin wanted modern, clear evidence. «I hope he will marry Miss Lavendar,» was Charlotta`s unequivocal response. It can also be said that someone is clearly in/above/about something: «He has remained unequivocal in his insistence that the school meal be free for all students.» Or drop any preposition if your meaning is clear, and just say someone is clear: «When asked about their position on equality, it was clear.» As this word is so clear by nature, I propose to avoid words that dilute it. «Fairly clear», «fairly clear», «fairly clear», even «very clear», and so on, take away the absolute clarity that offers «clearly» on its own. The rules in the classroom should be clear, as children are experts at misinterpreting them creatively.

«Attention in class», for example, invites to claims like «I take care of my friends!». Despite his claims that he has been clear on this issue, he has raised it in each of his last three speeches, made some vague remarks and went further. Look away from the screen to explain the definition in your own words. You`ll know you understand what «unambiguous» means if you can explain it without saying «absolutely clear» or «no room for misinterpretation.» Think of a time when you, or someone you absolutely know, have certainly succeeded (or completely failed on something) and fill in the gaps: «_____ was an obvious success/triumph/disaster/failure.» Example: «My first attempts to remake cookies from the bottom up were obvious failures.» Spend at least 20 seconds occupying your mind with the game and the quote below….