User Agreement Ps4

You agree that you may not use, directly or indirectly, PSN for commercial purposes, (ii) in a manner contrary to law in the jurisdiction in which you are resident or where you are in a situation of access to the Service or to which you transmit data or information when using the Service, or the Community Code of Conduct, or (iii) in any way, which prejudices Sony Interactive Entertainment companies («SIE») or their parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensors, suppliers, partners and users. You agree not to use any unauthorized hardware or software to access or use PSN. 17.1. No Warranties. No warranty is made as to the quality, functionality, availability or performance of any PSN, PSN services or features or content offered on psN or via PSN. All services and content are provided «HOW TO SEE» and «AS AVAILABLE» with all errors. We may modify, add, or remove features or functionality in our PSN Services and suspend or discontinue our Services completely.